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Barcelona Bags

An innovative and environmentally conscious idea

Unique collection of colorful bags. Each year, Barcelona produces a huge quantity of advertising material to promote its cultural events. Part of this material derived from Barcelona's cultural activity can be recycled through various processes. Still, some of these materials cannot be recycled. But they can be reused directly.


In 2002, Barcelona hosted 55 temporary exhibitions and 1.630 events, including shows and performances. For each exhibition, the city produces approximately 300 banners. This means 19,800 square meters of non-recyclable PVC polyester. 

The project behind these exclusive designer bags is to reuse, in an immediate and efficient way, the non-recyclable material that cannot restart the cycle as raw material. This has an impact both in economic and ecological terms.
This project has been developed in collaboration with Barcelona’s City Hall and other cultural institutions that use polyester PVC and related materials for the promotion of their projects. Once the events are over, the banners are used to make designer bags.


This project won the 2003 Design Award for Recycling: Recycled or Recyclable Product by Generalitat de Cataluña, Departamento del Medio Ambiente, Junta de Residuos, Centro Catalan de Reciclaje, Instituto Europeo de Diseño, ADI, Barcelona Centro de Diseño y la Fundación Forum 2004 ambiental.




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